Good Things #1

I love to share, and I love a lot of things.  I just love, as Martha Stewart says, good things.  So I’ve decided that once a week (shooting for every Friday), I will post my hodge-podge list of “good things.”  Some may be new to you, and some may not – I just hope that you enjoy it all with me:)

Let’s begin!



I recently signed up to sponsor a child, and I am so excited!  Nothing matches the joy of reaching out to someone with Christ’s love…I encourage you to look into sponsorship, or some other form of missions support.  The apostle Paul was supported by members of the Body, and not only were those who gave to him blessed, but centuries later we are being blessed by his ministry.  You never know the ripples that your gift will have upon the waters of life.


FACT: Jaeson Ma is one of the coolest people in the world.  Saw him at Jesus Culture Awakening and I’ve been stalking him ever since!  (I’m kidding…or am I???)  Inspiring spoken word over clean beats…keep your ears tuned, he drops a lot of knowledge in this one.  And follow him on twitter🙂



Frederick Douglass

This comes from Frederick Douglass’ [fantastic] speech, What to the Slave, is the Fourth of July?  Contextually, he’s referring to slavery, but I think this applies spiritually as well.  We often substitute basic kindness for words of witness, in order to keep peace.  The times call for active faith, for a life that shakes up the social norm by pointing to the eternal Kingdom of Heaven.  The Holy Spirit descended like a mighty rushing wind, and we reduce His power to mere whispers of love.  Let’s live BOLDLY for Christ, cherish standards of holiness, and disturb the kingdom of this world!  Don’t be satisfied with a quiet, individual flame.  Desire wildfire that rages and consumes you and everything/everyone surrounding you!  Crave thunder that awakens all sleepers!  YOU can shake the nations!


The Little Pilgrim’s Progress

Pilgrim’s Progress is hands down, a Christian classic.  However the length, archaic language, and challenging context don’t make it a universal pleasure to read.  Enter The Little Pilgrim’s Progress.  My parents gave me a copy of this years ago, I think I was around seven or eight, and I loved it!  Ironically, as I have aged (and matured, thank God), I find myself reading this book more and more.  The allegory is so beautiful, true to Bunyan’s original, and yet simple enough for the beginning believer to grasp.  Good analogies are so helpful in making Kingdom concepts real, and the further I go on my own journey the more certain characters from Progress stand out to me.  It’s an easy read (it is, after all, geared towards young-adult readers), but the spiritual insight is ageless.  And because everything is in basic terms, you can easily hit a chapter a day for devotions:)


The Little Kicks

I love to laugh, and because I love to laugh – I love Seinfeld!  This is one of the funniest episodes/scenes, and I genuinely believe in the quote TBS stuck on this picture (not an actual Seinfeld line…there is no message in Seinfeld, it’s a show about nothing).


Yes, I already posted a picture but this is different…because technically, this is a collective group of pictures; it’s like apples and oranges really.  I recently went to an amazing conference (Jesus Culture Awakening) and I can’t stop telling people about it – it was genuinely mind-blowing!  This site has some beautiful pictures that almost capture the intensity of God’s living presence that was in the Allstate Arena.  Check them out!

That’s all for this week!  If you have any good things to share, feel free to do so.  Until next time:)

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