Let’s Talk About Trust Ba-by!

When I was a child, I had one major fear: that when I got older, God would make me marry a boy who I felt was downright icky. This fear was 100 percent due to older church members telling me to “be nice, because [he] just might be who God wants you to marry when you grow up.” I was genuinely terrified to see my adult years. Well I’m here now – adulthood, I mean – and I haven’t married the aforementioned boy (praises). Being single though, and therefore subject to constant poor relationship advice, I often hear that I should be careful when I pray for a spouse, because I just might get what I ask for. What does that even mean? But, beyond that, what does that say about God? Nothing good, that’s for sure.

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Jesus is Coming Soon…And He’s British!!!

Hillsong Jesus is coming to a theater near you in February

There is yet another movie about Jesus coming soon. Unlike The Passion, in this movie a Portuguese man, portrays an White-Israeli man, while speaking English with an aristocratic British accent. I love that we’re trying to accurately portray the life of Christ! All of us can agree that a British accent ups the ante on quality film-making.

If you know me in the slightest, you know that I hate the archetypal image known as Jesus. Some of us call it White Jesus, and to others, it’s just plain old Jesus – but I can’t stand it either way. This isn’t a race thing; because, I’m not a fan of Black Jesus either. I am wholeheartedly against all artistic/actor portrayals of, or artistic license taken with, the mightiest man of history and eternity. We had a giant statue of a man in a robe, known as “Touchdown Jesus” in town. When I heard that it burned down, after being struck by lightning, I rejoiced with timbrel and dance. May all idols face the same demise!

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