Giving Sight to the Blind

Does anyone else¬†hate taking eye exams? ¬†(Those with poor vision, I mean.) Especially that Snellen eye chart. We’re bound to screw up, we know that going in, yet we still read aloud with a modicum of confidence. And optometrists are so smug when they ask you to repeat a line, like that’s going to help you realize which blur read incorrectly. Your girl had 20/70, so I only ever saw the top three lines clearly (including the giant E). Yet I tried to read all eleven lines. I tell you, it’s downright embarrassing when you finally see things normally, and then notice that you thought the chart contained numbers instead of letters. I mean…I heard that was an embarrassing experience for…someone else.

Humiliating moments aside, without a Snellen chart, I would never have known how bad my vision really was. I needed a standard to measure up to, in order to see how much I needed to correct my vision.

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