Here we go…

So I decided to be artsy and get a blog. I love to write, I’m working towards my BA in Creative Writing – but I really hav no idea what I should write about. Since I’m a Christian, shouldn’t my writing be some sort of mini-sermon? Leave the reader with a deeper sense of who they are, and a hard-to-find verse for inspiration? My pride would love for that to happen…the amazing thing about the internet is I can create a personality that is way better than I am in real life. Thanks to, I can always have a scripture on deck – and blow you away with my scriptural mastery. Would you benefit from that? Possibly. When talking about those who preached Christ out of strife, Paul was thankful that Christ was being preached regardless (no biblegateway here, this is thanks to Thursday night Bible study at my church). So, I can build myself up as an e-scholar of the Word  – and perchance inspire someone to hope, or live better, or love…Or I can be myself, flaws and all, and in that seemingly simple act, proclaim Christ’s awesome power to change.

I choose the latter. Not because I feel that my life is so awesome, or deep; but because I know that I have been miraculously changed through Jesus alone – and I refuse to pretend like I have not received grace countless times before. So I live my life out for Christ…and I’ll let you take a peek. As Paul said, “follow me, as I follow Christ”!

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