Here we go….again:)

Well, if the time since my last post and this post was a baby, he/she would be walking right now.  It’s been about eighteen months since I disciplined myself to sit down and post something…how’s that for dedication, eh?

Actually I did start a tumblr a few months ago, and I blog there on a semi-regular basis.  It’s just not the vision I had for my blog.  I think I have a blogpress floating out there somewhere too lol.  That’s the downside to having so many doggone blogsite options.  You start up a blog, don’t really get any followers…move to another site, set up camp, still no followers…head em up and move em out to yet another site – and with each move, your artistic focus weakens and stretches beyond recognition.

C’est la vie!

There comes a time when you, or I, have to buckle down and maintain discipline when there are no immediate, or even mid-term results.  In the long run, if nobody else reads this blog I know that I’ve done my best to testify of God’s greatness to those I know and those I don’t.  And my writing skills have to improve with practice.  So really what do I have to lose?

And with that, I present the semi-grand reopening of The Bottom Line.  I’m going to post at least three times a week as the Lord leads.  I truly pray that my words are a blessing to all God leads to my page.  His love shines upon the face of His children, and upon the paths of the blind…If I remain transparent, the bright fullness of His love will be seen (and that is exactly what I live for)!

The Bottom Line: I’m baaaaaack:)

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