I Didn’t Think You Would Come

Were you ever in a sub-par middle school choir?  I was.  And when I say sub-par, I say that generously.  I went to a Christian school so we weren’t allowed to sing the standards like “Blue Moon” or “Someone to Watch Over Me.”  We had to sing unknown songs about Abraham, and wildflowers, with wavering harmonies and starched peter pan collars.

My parents were kind (or blunt, however you want to look at it) enough to let me know that my choir was horrible.  And don’t get me started on those band concerts! – as my mom said.  Needless to say, I knew that when my choir had a concert some 50 miles from home, on a Saturday morning, leaving out at 5:00 am, I wasn’t going to get any volunteers to come and cheer me on.

Yet, I tried.  I asked my father as he dropped me off at school, still in his pajamas, if he wouldn’t mind seeing my performance.  The look he gave me was, to say the least, incredulous.

I wanted him to come though.  I was a Daddy’s girl, still am, and I felt that even though the time was so early it was ungodly, and my choir bore striking resemblance to a band of yowling alley cats; somehow, my father might show up.

And show up he did.

After receiving our green ribbons (for good poise, or something like that), I ran up to my father and said, “Daddy! I didn’t think you’d come!”  He simply laughed and said, “Aw, you know I had to come see my Bird sing!”

—–Fast Forward——-

Yesterday during worship service with my church, my pastor prophesied to the congregation about God’s deliverance.  He said (and I paraphrase) “I am here! Cry out for deliverance and I will hear you and deliver you.”

I don’t know about you, but I was in desperate need of God’s deliverance in a situation.  However, I felt so undeserving.  In the back of my mind, I felt that I needed to suffer as some sort of atonement.  Newsflash: God doesn’t want anyone’s life to be a dreadful mess.  However, just like with my earthly father, I approached God (Abba Father) ever mindful of my unappealing situation.  I wanted God would show up, but I didn’t have faith that he would.  I thought that my situation didn’t deserve deliverance.

So after this word from the Lord, I cried out.  LOUDLY.  As the entire congregation shouted and raised arms unto God, relief spread throughout my mind and I kept hearing the same line over and over: I didn’t think you would come!  I was so grateful.  I finally opened my mouth, and before I could speak I heard the Lord say, “No.  I didn’t think you would come.”

How often have we wanted God to show up on our behalf, and yet refused to come to Him for help?  We look at the bleakness of our situation and doubt that God will help, so we don’t even ask God to help.  And yet, we still want Him to come.

The reason my father came to my concert wasn’t because of my choir’s excellence.  He didn’t come because we were singing right down the street.  He didn’t come because he had the free time to attend.  He came because I asked.  As a father, he heard the request of his child and honored it.  Everything in my situation smacked of inconvenience, yet he came anyway.

I tell you the truth, God is waiting on us to give our problems to Him!  He doesn’t want us to struggle endlessly and live miserable lives.  Regardless of where we are in life and how we got to that point, God stands waiting to deliver us!  He is our Father, and He delivers us in love because He has the ability.  There is nothing in life He loves more than revealing Himself to us, as our deliverer, comforter, strength, peace, hope, and more!

The Bottom Line: If you need deliverance, ASK for it, and ask in faith!  Your father will not disappoint.

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