Fasting – The Final Stretch

My twenty-one day fast ended this past Sunday!  It seems a little disrespectful to be excited about that – after all a fast is for spiritual growth – but I was more than ready to get back to “normal.”  The irony is, my last week of fasting wasn’t nearly as restrictive as my first two weeks.

As human nature is wont to do (a la senioritis), my intensity and urgency waned during my final seven days.  Things were hectic around the McMillian household, and I relaxed a lot of my standards trying to compensate for my long busy hours.  I’m not going to get into details (not that they’re unnecessary, I’m just too tired), but I let myself slide in some areas.

Do you remember the 2008 Olympics, when the world first discovered Usain Bolt?  As Bolt was running the 100 meter dash, and discovered how far ahead he was from the other runners, he began to celebrate – before he crossed the finish line – slowing slightly and beating his chest in victory.  That was me.  On a spiritual high, comfortable with my new disciplines, and I slowed down while congratulating myself.

Human nature, eh?  Fie!

Did I finish my race?  Yes.  Did I finish strong?  Not nearly as strong as I could have, nor nearly as strong as I would have liked to.  But all things work together for my good, and the Holy Spirit is great with teachable moments.  What did I learn?  Pride is like a weed, doing a lot of work beneath the soil; and then *bam* there’s an overnight monster in the front yard.  Of course, vigilant care usually keeps weeds at bay…but, as aforementioned, I was too busy rejoicing over a few promising buds to keep watch for weeds.

Since this is my blog, I was tempted to paint sunshine and rainbows over my faltering finish.  That wouldn’t be an accurate picture of Robin though.  If it’s not a real picture of me, then it’s not a real picture of God’s grace; and that’s all I want to display.  So I give you the last of my fast installments with a word – albeit cliché – to the wise: keep your eyes on the prize!

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