Snow White Syndrome

I have a problem with Snow White. Oh sure, she turned some bachelor dwarves into gentlemen, and had forest animals cleaning house for her; but homegirl was not present, when it came to a genuine life or death decision. Snow White may have been the fairest of the land, but she surely wasn’t the brightest. 

Let’s review her story, shall we? Snow White’s wicked stepmother tries to kill her on the sly. An assassin lets her go with the warning that her stepmother won’t stop trying until she (Snow White) is dead. Then begins a lifestyle of witness protection with the aforementioned dwarves, and everything is hunky dory, peachy keen. Out of the blue, a witch appears – horrifying in the face, traditional crone features, etc. This witch offers a poisoned apple, and without a “hmmm-I’m-a-hunted-woman-perhaps-this-is-a-set-up” pause, Snow White eats the apple. Of course, since the apple is poisoned, she’s out of commission indefinitely.

“Girrrrrl, what happened? How could you get comfortable enough to forget that someone was out there trying to kill you?” Feel free to read that out loud with indignation and soul, we’ll come back to it later.

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Beware the Missionary Call

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is an epidemic spreading throughout the Church. It targets and attacks single men and women, regardless of race, age, or spiritual gifts. Many a strong soldier has been felled by this contagion, and it could be headed towards you right now. Watch out, I say, WATCH OUT for the enemy known as missionary relationships! Continue reading

Fasting – Week Two

Remember that thing I said last week about “extra hours?”  I think I’m going to have to take that back.  This week grew wings and flew right past me!  But hey, who’s complaining?  I’m running down the home stretch now – only 6 more days to go!!! <<extended running man dance break>>  I am practically overflowing with joy, as I write this post!  Not because I will be reunited with my dear sweet friend, Sugar, soon, but because God has truly been blowing my mind lately.

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Think, Think, Think…

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I am on a twenty-one day fast (closing out day eleven) and environmental distractions are at bare minimum.   I don’t watch TV; I don’t read anything except my Bible and some AW Tozer; I’m not spending my time in the kitchen trying out various recipes – I have more time on my hands than I ever thought possible.  What I have discovered, though, is how easily I can distract myself.

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Fasting – Day Nine

It’s not even 10:00, and I’m ready to go to sleep.  I’m thinking about cutting my daily posts down to weekly posts since my days have sort of settled into a routine.  Yeah, I think that’s the new plan…okay!  See you on Saturday!

Today’s Scripture:

The people who walked in darkness 
Have seen a great light; 
Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, 
Upon them a light has shined. 

-Isaiah 9:2 (NKJV)