Good Things – #8


Straight to you, complete with a colorful chameleon, is this week’s edition of good things. Enjoy!


If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.

Colossians 3:1-2




If I thought I could win one more soul to the Lord by walking on my head and playing the tambourine with my toes, I’d learn how!

William Booth, Founder of the Salvation Army



It’s humbling for me to champion this devotional, because Pastor O has yet to admit my complete correctness in a previous debate that we had. Be that as it may, his morning devotionals are a great way to start your day! If you struggle with reading your Word every day, consider this as a starter plan (not a substitute by any means). Study each scripture he references in full context. Do a basic Bible search and see if there are any other scriptures related to his message. Soon, you’ll be up and running, reading your Word and connecting it to everyday situations. So, check it out! Like, comment, and subscribe lol.



Just because you have the ability to blend in, doesn’t mean that you should blend in. You’re dazzling when you show your true colors!



Confession: When I first heard Jake Hamilton live, I (along with my sister, and our friend Ebony) was about 76 percent sure that he was an angel. His hat shaded most of his face, and his ministry was b-a-n-a-n-a-s – what else were we to think?! Jake Hamilton had all the markings of an angel in disguise. Alas, we were mistaken, and he is human like the rest of us. We remain his fans though! His version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is a treasure. Listen to it, and then buy his albums! He hollers like you wouldn’t believe, but he’s got a gift for waking and shaking up the Saints.



Lark News is basically The Onion for Christians, satire for the Saints. Of course, like The Onion, there are those who take the news stories as fact – and that’s how I discovered them. (A FaceBook post that seemed too outrageous to be true…and it was) If you grew up in the church, or are familiar with church life, then I strongly encourage you to give LarkNews a visit. They are HILARIOUS and you will end up laughing before you know it.


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