Beware the Missionary Call

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is an epidemic spreading throughout the Church. It targets and attacks single men and women, regardless of race, age, or spiritual gifts. Many a strong soldier has been felled by this contagion, and it could be headed towards you right now. Watch out, I say, WATCH OUT for the enemy known as missionary relationships!

This is a warning, and warnings need to be clear. So, for those who might not know exactly what I mean by missionary relationships, here is an example:

A: So, I’m going out with ——– on Friday.

B: Really? Do I know ——–?

A: You might have seen ——– around town. ——– Is real cute!

B: So is ——– a Christian?

A: Well……..…——– goes to church.

B: Is ——– a Christian?

A: ——– isn’t a Christian yet…but ——– is very open to learning about Jesus.

B: What does “open to learning about Jesus” mean?

A: ——– has a lot of questions about Jesus…But I think that ——– is close to being saved. I’m going to help ——– find the way.

That was an A and B conversation. Do you C what a missionary relationship is now? (Yes, I also do stand-up comedy in my spare time).

Missionary relationships occur whenever a Believer knowingly enters into a relationship with an unbeliever, under the false pretense of spreading the Gospel.  It sounds noble, because after all *superhero stance* “The Gospel must be preached to all peoples!” Yet, the broke and unattractive are massively unreached during these crusades. For some reason, God only sends relational missionaries to the good-looking, the financially stable, the smooth talking, and the popular. Well…it’s a hard job, but someone has to do it.

If I got free Starbucks every time I heard someone try to justify said relationships, I’d have enough caffeine to fly to the moon and back, and save George Clooney! I wasn’t exaggerating when I called this an epidemic. Far too many men and women are deceived by their own lust and loneliness, entering relationships that could ruin lives if they aren’t ended.

Listen, I was deceived. I have been there and done that. By the grace of God, I escaped that. If anyone understands the twisted logic of dating someone to save him, I do. I also know that, beneath my weak spiritual excuses lay a very sinful purpose: I just wanted an immediate relationship, instead of having to wait on the Lord to send me someone. As James says, “sin, when it is full grown, brings death.” The marks of death were surely upon me, spiritually; and my future dimmed more and more until all I could see was a future with someone who hated Jesus. Glory to God for His saving arm of grace! I am free now, but I spent enough time in chains to know that I have to warn my family members that might be likewise tempted.

Your spiritual life is at stake! Your successful future is at stake! Do not choose fading looks and prestige over the eternal glory of Christ! Satan hasn’t changed tactics. He will always lie and make it seem as though God is holding us back from something that is actually good for us. Don’t listen to him at all. He will deceive you, and bind you before you know it. There’s whirlpool in those waters, don’t even dip a toe in – lest you be sucked in and lost. It is that serious. There are no “minor deviations” from God’s commands.

Anchor your soul in hope so bright that it fully exposes the dark temptations of our flesh. Ladies, if you look out on the horizon of your future and still can’t see a godly man, remember that the God-Man is in your future and He will never leave you nor forsake you. Gents, if you’ve looked everywhere you know and still haven’t found your “good thing,” remember the faithfulness of God who gives us every good thing.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Don’t be deceived, there is no such thing as a God-ordained evangelistic relationship. Wait on the Lord, and resist the Devil.

Helpful Scripture

Psalm 27:13-14//Amos 3:3//2 Corinthians 6:14-18//Ephesians 5:5-11

***Stay tuned for the second message, keeping the focus on Christian singleness: “A Good and Perfect Gift”***

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