Fasting – Day One

My church just started a corporate 21-day fast.  The details of the fast were left up to individual discretion, meaning each person was able to choose what he/she wanted to abstain from.  Some members mentioned a full fast (no food, just water), others mentioned a Daniel fast (veggies, rice, beans, fruits, and water – no sweets, no meats, no milk), and I…well I wasn’t too sure when I woke up what I was going to fast from.

I knew that I was going to cut out my daily Venti Vanilla Chai Latte from Starbucks and that I wasn’t going to watch television for the full 21 days.  There was still something I felt I needed to cut back on or abstain from though.  It could’ve stemmed from hearing others talk about their more intense regimens that stirred me to go deeper, but I genuinely struggled with what else to do.  So after some deliberation, here is my fast:

  • No sweets
  • No Starbucks (only once on Sundays…so like three times during my fast)
  • No television
  • No bread
  • Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr for an hour a day.  Only responding to messages and comments people send me, or updating my status with something focused and spiritually edifying.  No surfing the posts of everyone else, or focusing on – as Elaine once said on Seinfeld – the excruciating minutia of my days.
  • Mainly raw vegetables (Only eat meat once a day, after 6, and not in heaping portions lol)
  • Only Water, or tea with no additives in the morning

Of course, the most important part of a fast isn’t what one cuts from his/her diet, but if time that would have been spent eating is actively spent pursuing Christ’s presence.  That’s the joy and struggle of every fast, especially with me because I get extremely tired when I fast and tend to take longer naps with my extra time.

I am resolved, though, to make this my most successful time of consecration yet.  I long to see revival among the brothers and sisters of my church, and God always responds to our sacrifices with FIRE!  So I’m excited and expectant; I plan on documenting my day-by-day journey just for accountability’s sake.  Prayerfully my results will encourage someone else to fast and pray, and press into the will of God like never before!

So here’s how today went!

I ate carrots, which I haven’t done in about sixteen years (and then remembered why I haven’t eaten carrots in sixteen years – blech).  I played some soaking music while resting, and worshipped with United Pursuit.  I really wanted some Starbucks, and I really wanted to watch television – which was made even harder by the fact that my sister shares a room with me and she’s watching Law and Order right now (I’m wearing headphones and writing).  All in all, it was a typical first day.  There were moments that could have discouraged me, but thank God for the joy of His Spirit!  There’s a satisfaction that comes from eating bitter herbs (that’s what I called my carrots).  Not prideful satisfaction, but just knowing that my sacrifice clears a path straight to the heart of the Father.  He’s all I want, so whatever I give up to go deeper is a good investment.

Until tomorrow:)

…for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit – Romans 14:17 (NKJV)

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