Good Things – #12

It’s been a while pals and gals! Lately I’ve been busy enough to impress even the skeptics, but today I decided to take some time out just for you. Feel special! This Sunday-Spectacular Good Things has the late, great Steve Hill and Leonard Ravenhill, Al Green, and a trip to the Far Side.


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Fasting – Day One

My church just started a corporate 21-day fast.  The details of the fast were left up to individual discretion, meaning each person was able to choose what he/she wanted to abstain from.  Some members mentioned a full fast (no food, just water), others mentioned a Daniel fast (veggies, rice, beans, fruits, and water – no sweets, no meats, no milk), and I…well I wasn’t too sure when I woke up what I was going to fast from.

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