Fasting – Day Four


I had Braxton Hicks today or something, for a minute I thought I only had a few days left in my fast…it felt like the end was near!  Oh well, I really have seventeen days left and I see myself lasting until the end.

Fasting has made me a little petulant with God.  I find myself demanding a Word, the tangible presence, because “look at what I’m doing!  My stomach is growling and empty, so speak already!”  I have to get beyond the consecration as an exchange mindset.  Oh how humbling!  I really wanted an audible word today though, I was feeling unsure in some areas and I wanted that zap-clarification moment (you know…”ZAP! Here’s the answer”).

How often we cry out for a word and ignore the word He’s given us!  When I did pull out my Bible, I received major understanding.  I had to repent for not even being grateful for the written word!  I’m telling you, the more I cut out of my day the more time I have to really examine myself…and I’m not as great as many think (myself included).  But God is never one to withhold wisdom to those who ask!  I love that!  Even in my immaturity He brings revelation and light.

I didn’t eat any meat until 9:00 and I think I probably could have gone all day without it…it’s becoming easier to see the sacrifice!  The act of sacrifice is always uncomfortable, but before now true sacrifice seemed impossible.  Ah, Maturity!  We thought you an absent roommate, but now you are beginning to move in!

This is going to be a shorter post, I am so sleepy right now.  Slamming the brakes on caffeine and sugar has cut into my nightlife (which consists of Golden Girls’ reruns and Jimmy Fallon).

I’m encouraged to press on and see Heaven on earth…I’ll post about that tomorrow:)

Today’s Scripture:

I do nothing of Myself; but as My Father taught Me, I speak these things. – John 8:28b (NKJV)


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