Beware the Missionary Call

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is an epidemic spreading throughout the Church. It targets and attacks single men and women, regardless of race, age, or spiritual gifts. Many a strong soldier has been felled by this contagion, and it could be headed towards you right now. Watch out, I say, WATCH OUT for the enemy known as missionary relationships! Continue reading

Stay Hungry

I doubt there is anything my family looks forward to more than our trips to Chicago. Every year at Thanksgiving, give or take a few instances, you can find the McMillian Clan eagerly wandering the streets of Michigan, Grand, State, 87th, 96th, Stoney Island, Cottage Grove – basically all over Chicago. This year was no different. We hit all the favorite spots (Harold’s, Captain Curt’s Shazaam, Garrett’s) and scouted out some new ones. My sister Rachel and I had been eyeing this restaurant, Eggsperience, for a while and decided to give it a try. There’s such an elegant art to breakfasting, and we felt Eggsperience would really up our respective levels of class. So, on Black Friday, while manic masses stormed the gates of excessive consumerism, we were out at a late breakfast with our father.

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What Do I Need Manners For?

My all time favorite movie is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  Hands down.  I grew up watching Jane Powell fall-in-love-at-first-sight with Howard Keel over, and over…and over.  You cannot persuade me away from its magnificence.  CinemaScope!  Technicolor!  Barn raisings!  Avalanches!  Dance sequences involving lumberjacks and axes!  This film has it all!

When I was younger, most of the romantic nuances between Millie and Adam (Powell and Keel) were lost on me.  I always liked a line Adam delivered though, as Millie was trying to civilize his six brothers, “What do I need manners for?  I already got me a wife!”  It was funny to me, as a child; and now I love it because of the semi-domesticity the two share in that moment: his obtuse male comment and her wife-ish rolling eyes.  I’m telling you: this movie is gold!

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Who Told Me That I Was Single?

One day I woke up and I was a single woman.  Yes, my relationship status changed overnight, from too-young-to-even-think-about-a-relationship to SINGLE.

My fingers burn just typing that: S  I  N  G  L  E.  <<shudder>>

What happened?  I mean, really, what happened to me?

My co-workers noticed the change immediately; actually, they clued me in.  Between matchmaking of the worst variety, – Seriously, I could find better looking and more interesting dates at Churchill Downs…in the stables, eating oats…I’m saying I would rather date horses, but I digress – and heart-to-heart conversations about love and life it hit me with embarrassing accuracy: my singleness was showing!

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