Jesus is Coming Soon…And He’s British!!!

Hillsong Jesus is coming to a theater near you in February

There is yet another movie about Jesus coming soon. Unlike The Passion, in this movie a Portuguese man, portrays an White-Israeli man, while speaking English with an aristocratic British accent. I love that we’re trying to accurately portray the life of Christ! All of us can agree that a British accent ups the ante on quality film-making.

If you know me in the slightest, you know that I hate the archetypal image known as Jesus. Some of us call it White Jesus, and to others, it’s just plain old Jesus – but I can’t stand it either way. This isn’t a race thing; because, I’m not a fan of Black Jesus either. I am wholeheartedly against all artistic/actor portrayals of, or artistic license taken with, the mightiest man of history and eternity. We had a giant statue of a man in a robe, known as “Touchdown Jesus” in town. When I heard that it burned down, after being struck by lightning, I rejoiced with timbrel and dance. May all idols face the same demise!

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Beware the Missionary Call

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is an epidemic spreading throughout the Church. It targets and attacks single men and women, regardless of race, age, or spiritual gifts. Many a strong soldier has been felled by this contagion, and it could be headed towards you right now. Watch out, I say, WATCH OUT for the enemy known as missionary relationships! Continue reading

2014 – The Return


Happy New Year! The upcoming days will, for all of us I’m sure, be filled with stereotypical goal-setting, resolution-making, and self-evaluation. There’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you don’t over-post on social media (especially if you’re determined to spend more time in the gym…no more #gymflow posts, leave those in 2013). This is my resolution. Like millions of other Americans, I’m returning to my blog. If you do a quick scroll down, you’ll see my last post was a whole two years ago – in 2011! I had a strong urge to start a whole new blog and leave this one drop lower and lower in Google search pages. It’s pretty embarrassing, my long absence. I mean, It’s not like I’ve been locked up or anything.

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